Benedictines Celebrate Jubilees

Friday, May 8, 1998

 Sixteen Benedictines of Saint Vincent Archabbey are celebrating jubilees marking 775 years of service to the Monastic community this year.

Brother Bernard (John Francis) Lewitzke, O.S.B., will celebrate 70 years of his profession of monastic vows on July 2. Celebrating 60 year jubilees are Father Emmeran Rettger, O.S.B., who was ordained a priest on June 12, 1938; Father Clement (Joseph) Heid, O.S.B., and Father Louis (Stephen) Sedlacko, O.S.B., who made their profession of vows on July 2, 1938.

Fifty-year jubilees for ordination to the priesthood are being celebrated by Father Emeric (James) Pfiester, O.S.B., Father Aelred (Joseph) Beck, O.S.B., and Father Brinstan (Gilbert) Takach, O.S.B., who were ordained June 13, 1948, and Father Alphonse (Herbert) Meier, O.S.B., who was ordained June 29, 1948. Fifty-year jubilees for profession of vows will be marked by Archabbot Paul Regis Maher, O.S.B., Father Joachim (Robert) Fatora, O.S.B., Father Arthur Holtz, O.S.B., and Father Daniel (Clarence) Wolfel, O.S.B., who made simple profession of vows on July 2, 1948; and by Father Philip (Paul) Ghys, O.S.B., who made simple profession of vows on January 6, 1948.

Celebrating 25-year jubilees of their ordination to the priesthood are Father Myron (Mark) Kirsch, O.S.B., who was ordained May 12, 1973. Brother Subprior David Kelly, O.S.B., will mark the 25th jubilee of his simple profession of vows. He made profession on July 10, 1973.

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